about me.

i'm not upside-down in real life. but i do wear this much knit.

i'm not upside-down in real life. but i do wear this much knit.

i’m a western mutt who semi-accidentally became a journalist, editor, and translator while covering the april 2018 velvet revolution in armenia. since then, i’ve been covering some combination of gender, migration, labour, social movements, and media manipulation. you can find my headlines in Open Democracy, the Toronto Star, OC Media, the Washington Post, and others. (head over to my portfolio page for more info.)

i also have some languages under my belt: talk to me in french, italian, or spanish and i can talk right back; talk to me in german or russian and i’ll figure it out.

stuff i can brag about include a the forum freelance fund for hostile environment training, a bachelor’s in conflict studies from the university of toronto, a top 30 under 30 leaders in human rights award, the kathryn davis fellows for peace award, and the jerome rotenberg memorial travel award.

but wait! that’s not all.

it’s an editor! it’s a translator! it’s… a person who likes words and uses them well! here’s a brief list of my services - click through them for more details



grant writing.

content writing.