labour & social movements.

updating democracy: toronto foodora couriers are at the front of a new labour movement. open democracy oureconomy, june 2019.
in the fight for unionization within a precarious gig economy, toronto foodora couriers are demanding fairer compensation and protection.

‘the police are ours!’ - armenia’s revolutionary police reform at a crossroads. open caucasus media, january 2019. written from yerevan, armenia.
on the success & strategies of armenia’s post-revolutionary police reforms.

heard but not seen: how women became the unrecognized architects of the velvet revolution. open caucasus media, may 2018. written from yerevan, armenia. 
on women's unrecognized leadership in the armenian velvet revolution of may 2018. 

la benevolencija and the saviour of sarajevo: the role of judaism during the siege. balkan diskurs, april 2017. written from sarajevo, bosnia.
on jakob finci, a jewish man who, during the siege of sarajevo, helped thousands of bosnians of all ethnicities escape the siege and find access to food, medication, and education.


noa pothoven’s story isn’t about euthanasia. it’s about a failing mental health system. washington post, june 2019.
coverage about noa pothoven, who requested euthanasia following years of struggling with mental health, has failed to cover the issue at core of the story: a mental health system that exacerbates issues rather than addressing them.

who cares about toxic masculinity? ricochet, march 2019. podcast hosted by andre goulet. recorded from toronto, canada.
a conversation about the mainstream portrayal of toxic masculinity in light of the american psychological association’s first inclusion of “traditional masculinity” and guidelines to help psychologists work with men and boys.

what we talk about when we talk about gender in armenia. open democracy russia, december 2018. written from yerevan, armenia.
as armenia’s first democratic federal elections creep closer, we’re seeing a boom in media about gender with little basis in news. but what purpose does it really serve?

former afghan women’s soccer captain kicking down barriers in toronto. the toronto star, june 2017. written from toronto, canada.
on zahra mahmoodi is a hazara woman who has played three world cups. today, she is working in toronto to give marginalized women access to sports since she was a child.

aziz ansari, cat person, and expecting more of men. the a.side, january 2018. written from lausanne, switzerland. media analysis.
on the aziz ansari debacle and how to be better at holding men accountable for their actions towards women.

creative & misc.

10:01pm on a sunday night. pressed magazine, december 2018. written from toronto, canada.
a vulnerable ode to a city that has become home. (unavailable online.)

for the worms. the a.side, december 2017. written from middlebury, vermont.
i'm more of a writer than i am a dancer so this is an ode to both.

thank you note & letter to a dear friend. the uc review, january 2017. written from barcelona, spain.
before i decided letters were their own genre, i thought i was a poet for a hot minute. this is a remnant from that time.

i also write creative & misc stuff right here on this website.