why me?

i believe not everyone needs to be a writer - but in reality, good writing is often a big part of making money. most likely, if you’re not a writer, you still need to know how to write well: you need that to run a website, to sell yourself or your products, to write reports, to communicate your achievements and successes, to turn your research into an article, or to apply for grants. that’s why i’m here: i like words so you don’t have to. i also know you need money to get money - so i work on a sliding scale based on your resources and the scope of your project.



nervous about your writing? don’t be. i’m here to help.

i’m an associate editor for ricochet at the moment - but i’ll do your stuff, too. i’ve edited academic papers, articles, PR material, sponsored content, websites… here are the two types of editing i do most often. but don’t be shy - if you want a combination of the two, or something i’m not describing here, let’s talk.

line editing: you have a first draft. it’s ready, it’s structured, you put it together - but it’s very much a first draft. this is the type of editing i recommend if you’re confident in your content but not in your writing. this is style editing: i’m here to make you sound good. but i’m not here to organize your citations.

copy editing: your piece is finished. you’ve been working on it for days, weeks, months. it’s done. you swear it’s done. but you just want one last person to check it for grammar and punctuation before you send it off on its way. that’s me! i’ll make sure your language is spick & span, and i’ll format it for you.



i speak languages. you can use ‘em.

i grew up trilingual and have spent my life learning other languages & translating various things for various people - and with my writing skills, i can maintain your tone in your target language. if your project doesn’t neatly fit into one of these categories, we can still work something out. i translate from: italian, french, spanish, or english. i translate to: english, french, or italian.

general translation: you have a text written in layman terms (i.e. not specialized vocabulary) in one language. you want it to be in another. this type of translations is most translations - this would include things like translating an article, a speech, or a grant proposal (which i did for the production company i used to work with - they ended up getting one of the most prestigious grants in the industry).

literary translation: you have some creative writing you want translated. plays, short stories - all of it.

technical translation: you have something written in specialized, technical terms. this might be an academic article, a journalistic article for a specialized publication, a report, or other things like that.

grant writing.jpg

grant writing.

you like money. i like writing. win-win.

a good grant proposal tells a story the jury feels invested in. that’s the same skill as a journalist! i’ve gotten grants both for myself, for others, and for organizations. i’m especially good at grant writing for research proposals or to seek documentary funding - but, like everything else, i’m flexible. 

content writing.jpg

content writing.

all press is good press but not all press is created equal. i can take care of yours.

psst - we don’t like to admit this, but the number one thing freelance journalists have to do to pay their bills is build a brand. i’ve done all kinds of communications. have a website to populate? need to develop a communications strategy? need an engaging newsletter or fresh regular content? be in touch.