i speak languages. you can use ‘em.

i grew up trilingual and have spent my life learning other languages & translating various things for various people - and with my writing skills, i can maintain your tone in your target language. if your project doesn’t neatly fit into one of these categories, we can still work something out. i translate from: italian, french, spanish, or english. i translate to: english, french, or italian.

general translation: you have a text written in layman terms (i.e. not specialized vocabulary) in one language. you want it to be in another. this type of translations is most translations - this would include things like translating an article, a speech, or a grant proposal (which i did for the production company i used to work with - they ended up getting one of the most prestigious grants in the industry).

literary translation: you have some creative writing you want translated. plays, short stories - all of it.

technical translation: you have something written in specialized, technical terms. this might be an academic article, a journalistic article for a specialized publication, a report, or other things like that.